Starting Your Career in the Medical Industry

Starting Your Career in the Medical Industry – Today’s guest blog is by Waggoner Legal Group. The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of Genex Medical Staffing.

Medical Industry

Starting Your Career in the Medical Industry

Taking your first step towards a profession in the medical industry is huge and commendable because you chose to serve humanity. No matter what position or role you are taking in any medical institution, it is a big responsibility. The life and death of any patient could be in your hands. Your very first job at a hospital can easily make you nervous and question your choice of career.

Every medical organization has a set of rules and standards that must be complied with by each and every employee; we call this the Medical Staff By-laws. The hospital that hires you could be a government-owned facility or private property; caution and vigilance will be a requirement in any case. When you are starting work, you must be fully aware of all laws and policies that apply. Do not think about signing up unless you have read all the literature completely.

Rules that are binding may vary with the title of your role at a hospital, but the following are some universal points that must be part of your knowledge from the beginning:

  • Sign in/out and attendance
  • Dress Code during working hours
  • Qualification for any privileges
  • Emergency Action Plan
  • Admission and Discharge of patients
  • Conditions leading to Suspension and Termination
  • The quota for appeal or hearings
  • Process of decision making and approval
  • Handling of Conflict

Medical facilities are definitely in a place where following a strict code of conduct is non-negotiable. Whether you are working for a small clinic or an extensive public hospital, lives depend on you. When it’s time to sign a job contract with an organization, you should take this very seriously. Do not be lazy and skim the entire document; take your time and review every part completely.

In case you are not provided with the institution’s bylaw outline, ask for it before getting yourself into something you might later regret. If you unknowingly break their policies, this could lead to a reprimand or even termination. One wrong action could be cause for termination or even losing your medical license for good.

Doctors in a hospital are under a lot of pressure, especially when they lack years of experience to support their reputation. Patients can be skeptical regarding young and fresh doctors, so your confidence is very important. Always be personable with your patients and learn as much about their medical history as possible. Do not act impulsively and do not shy away from consulting your seniors before suggesting a treatment.

The Medical Staff Bylaw is designed to maintain discipline within a medical organization, preventing its reputation and integrity from being jeopardized. Whether you’re performing the role of a physician, nurse or security personnel, your attitude will affect the environment and people around you. Knowing your workplace procedures will help keep you safe and provide job security. It’s important to know everything that is required in the workplace. Workplace politics exist in every profession, so being prepared is always the best option.